How to you know you are color blindness?

I am red-green color blind. When I was young, I didn’t know, I didn’t feel it at all, and I didn’t have any influence on my life, but my parents said I was confused about the “concept” of color when I was young, and I didn’t think about it.

How do you know you’re color blind

During a physical examination in junior high school, I found that the figures and numbers I recognized from the literacy table were different from those of others, which was quite incredible. It was also at that time that I realized that I was red and green color blind. At that time also sad for a while, because some students always make fun of this.

However, very soon he was relieved, because this also explains his extraordinary, the feeling pretty individual character.

The ability to perceive colors

I can clearly identify individual, pure, bright reds and greens, but it’s more difficult to identify deep reds and dark greens mixed together, or brown, brown, or khakis. Many people may think that color blindness has some defects in art appreciation, but it is not the case. In this respect, I think it has no influence. No one has ever questioned the colors I match.

In addition, I know a lot of color-blind people working in the design and printing industries, but it has almost had a big impact on their work and ability.

The impact on life and work

Color blindness has almost no effect on life. Some people think that red and green color blind people can’t distinguish between traffic lights, which is actually a big misunderstanding.

I can clearly distinguish between red and green traffic lights, because the green of the traffic light has some blue added, so it is obvious. On the contrary, sometimes the yellow and red traffic lights need to pay a little attention to the identification, of course, you can distinguish, but not particularly obvious.

Said a more fun: there is a person’s yellow blind, can’t when he was in the age of empires game to the next level, because the game in the beginning the primitive is going to play in the grassland and the jungle wild boar, but don’t ask for his khaki wild boar in green grass, the end result is almost starve to death.

You probably all know that color recognition is sometimes a requirement when choosing a job.

I majored in chemistry, so I did have some troubles when doing analytical chemistry experiments. It was very difficult to distinguish some very colorful reagents and reaction results, and sometimes I needed help from others. Later, the work did not have any major problems, because the need to identify colors is different.

Later, I switched to IT to do system management and operation and maintenance. The biggest trouble I encountered was that there were a large number of indicator lights on IT equipment, which usually used red, green and yellow to indicate different states. At this time is more distressed, it is really difficult to distinguish the small indicator light on what color in the end.

How red-green colorblindness is different from other types of colorblindness?  | IrisTech

Corrections and workarounds

Color blindness is largely genetic, but interestingly, it’s passed on through the X chromosome of the XY sex chromosomes, which is probably well known. Half of my mother’s nephews’ boys are color blind as I am, in full genetic proportion.

Women are also much less colour-blind than men, and over the years I have known only one woman who is colour-blind.

There are restrictions on red-green color blind driving in the country. I think it’s just a matter of imagination and a lack of research by the regulators. There are no restrictions that I know of in the United States. From the actual case statistics, we can know that there are almost no driving accidents directly caused by color blindness, which is not comparable to the accidents caused by drinking or disturbed driving.

At the same time, people with color disorder are actually not as few as we think. According to statistics, in reality, there are about 7% of men who are color blind. This is a very high percentage, not a minority, at least it feels higher than the percentage of people with disabilities.

Therefore, as the personal experience of people who have some barriers to color discrimination, we hope that professionals can take this situation into consideration when doing some design (such as website or software) or the construction of facilities, and provide corresponding convenience for this part of the population.